Parents Misconceptions About ADHD: Your Child with Grow Out of It

Parent coaching is a big component of our ADHD and executive function disorder program(s) here at ADHD Training Center. We believe that it is critical for parents to have a thorough understanding of their child’s symptoms, behaviors, and more in order to support them effectively.

One misconception that many parents have is that their child will “grow out of it” as they get older. This is frequently not the case.

Why This Matters

Parents of children with ADHD typically do receive treatment. That’s great – that means that you’re actively trying to help your child manage their ADHD symptoms and succeed as much as possible both socially and academically.

But many parents provide this treatment assuming that their child will likely outgrow it. The reason this matters is because, if you think your child is likely to outgrow their ADHD, then you may only use treatments that affect your child *now.”

For example, many parents utilize ADHD medications for their child in order to help them in school. But they may not enroll their child into programs that can help them with long term ADHD management – not only as a youth, but into adulthood.

Children with ADHD and Their Success as Adults

It is important for parents to recognize that ADHD is often a lifelong condition. Even though the symptoms may appear at a glance to mellow as the child becomes an adult, the symptoms of ADHD are often still there or manifesting themselves in different, less visible ways.

Instead of treating ADHD as a childhood condition, parents, should look for ways to improve their child’s long term success by providing coaching and support that gives these children what they need to manage their ADHD issues as they move on towards a more adult life. That is one of the reasons that ADHD and executive function coaching are so important. They help give your child what they need to manage their life, not just their childhood.

Start Today with Parent Coaching

Your child is the one that may have ADHD. But the more parents learn about how to support their child, the better decisions they’ll make and the more they’ll be aware of how to support their child now and in the future. If you’re interested in learning more about parent coaching and support for ADHD, please contact ADHD Training Center, today. We have classes both in person on Long Island and digitally for those anywhere in the United States.

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