ADHD Classes and Coaching Services

ADHD Training Center offers a variety of coaching services and classes for children and adults with ADHD and executive function disorder, as well as training programs and coaching for parents.

For Parents: We help you learn how to parent the child you have, and help your children learn how to adapt to a world that is not always ready to meet their needs. We update our class and group coaching schedule often, but individual coaching is always available and tailored to your schedule.

For Individuals: Executive function coaching is individualized and tailored to your specific needs. Looking to organize yourself better for school or work? Enhance time management skills or learn how to work with some challenges with working memory? How about motivation and procrastination? Emotional regulation can be a challenge also. What do you do when you feel your feelings with so much intensity that it is hard to not be reactive? Here at ADHDTC, we understand these challenges and will customize a treatment plan around your goals that will work for you. Meetings are weekly, can be in person or remote, and can vary from once a week to daily check-ins depending on your goals and needs.

Ongoing Classes – Currently In Person on Long Island (Remote Classes Coming Soon)

ADHD and Executive Functions: Parent Coaching Class:

Join us and learn everything you need to know to help your child thrive and bring harmony to the home. From the science of the ADHD brain to parenting tools that will guide you to support your child in reaching their true potential, the ADHD and Executive Function Parent Course offers information, guidance, resources and support.

Learn more about our parent coaching classes.

ADHD and Executive Functions: Child Support Group:

Join us for a 6 week learn and grow support group! Groups are assigned by age (7-10), (11-13) and (14-17) and are held weekly for 1 hour. The goal is for your child to learn about their challenges in a positive and supportive way with other children in the same boat. Our ultimate goal is to promote self awareness and self esteem as well as tools for emotional regulation. Your children hear several negative messages everyday. This is an opportunity for them to realize their strengths and enhance their confidence.

Learn more about our child support groups.

Social Time:

Sometimes children with ADHD have a hard time making and keeping friends. If your child is struggling socially and yearning for a more positive experience and ways to make new friends, our monthly social hour is a great way to get them out and about with peers they can relate to in a supervised and positive setting!

Learn more about social time.

Private Support (Available Remotely Throughout the United States and In Person on Long Island):

The following coaching sessions are available on an as needed basis. They are private classes for children and parents that would like personalized support from one of our experienced coaches:

  • Parent Coaching: Individually scheduled parent coaching sessions are designed to offer the information, insight and customized plan that you will need to support your child’s needs and help them to thrive in a healthy way while bringing harmony and calm back into the home. Meetings are held between you and a parent coach to create a plan that will work best for your child and family. Sessions are in person or virtual and last for 1 hour.
  • Executive Function Coaching: Weekly sessions are scheduled with high school and college students as well young adults beginning their careers. Coaching is a customized plan to build on strengths and provide useful tools toward success at school and work. Issues such as time management, organization, focus, emotional regulation and working memory will be addressed. 

Additional services include School Advocacy and Mental Health Support (Currently available in NY State).

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