About ADHD Training Center

The number of resources for children with ADHD and executive function disorder are limited. So too are the resources for their parents. Children and parents receive pressure from all sides to “keep up” and “do better” but rarely give those families the resources that they need to accomplish it.

ADHD Training Center was founded by therapists, coaches, and counselors to provide these resources both in person on Long Island and remotely throughout the United States. We offer digital and in person coaching that helps teach parents and children the skills they need to thrive.

Our Team

ADHD Training Center has a rapidly growing team of ADHD specialists that are leading classes and providing private coaching to children and parents.

Founders: Brandon Palazzolo and Stacy Pellettieri

About Brandon Palazzolo – ADHD and Executive Function Coach

Brandon Palazzolo is one of the founders and ADHD coaching specialists. Brandon has personal experience with ADHD having been diagnosed with it himself at the age of 7. He is well aware of the variety of struggles and challenges that individuals with ADHD face. Brandon has a strong passion for working with children, adolescents and young adults as an executive function coach.

Brandon is also a social work intern and has additional training through the clinical ADHD/Executive Function program (ADHD-CCSP). He is currently a student at ADDCA and aims to pursue his certification in ADHD coaching. Brandon was in the trenches as a young person going through it very recently, therefore he is very relatable for younger clients and well aware of modern challenges in high school, college, and in starting out in the workforce.

About Stacy Pellettieri – LCSW-R, ADHD-CCSP

Stacy graduated in 1997 with a Masters in Social Work (MSW) from NYU. Stacy has been working with children, adolescents and adults with ADHD for over 26 years. In addition to her years of experience, Stacy has completed multiple relevant trainings and is an ADHD certified clinical  provider. 

In addition to her clinical expertise in this area, Stacy also carries personal experience as the mother of a child with ADHD. She knows and understands the challenges ADHD diagnosed individuals and their families are facing. Stacy is passionate about helping parents and educators fully understand their child’s needs and strives to support people of all ages with ADHD to reach their fullest potential with a strength based approach coupled with psychoeducation, coaching and a personalized plan that helps individuals and families to find the peace and harmony they are looking for.

About Dr. Mary Sanford- ADHD Executive Function Coach

Mary Sanford is a progress-oriented ADHD Executive Function
Coach with a wealth of experience successfully working with
teens, parents, and adult clients. Her knowledge about ADHD and
executive Functions, and her excitement in helping clients
improve their lives is highly rewarding to her. In her own words,
Mary loves slaying the ADHD dragons of negativity and defeating
behaviors that frequently torment her clients. To teach clients
strategies and approaches related to time management, task
initiation, emotional regulation, planning, goal-setting-and so
much more, to improve the quality of your life. Coaching is life-
changing and life-affirming. It’s about possibilities and the value that neuro-diverse people offer the world.

In addition to serving as an Executive Function ADHD Coach, Mary blogs on topics related to ADHD, and conducts ADHD and college success workshops. She is knowledgeable about the challenges faced by neuro-diverse people and uses that knowledge to capitalize on each person’s unique gifts. Clients
describe her as empathetic, compassionate, enthusiastic, flexible, and resourceful.

Mary has a Ph.D. in Adult Education from Syracuse University, an M.Ed. in Learning Disabilities with Reading Specialist certification from Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania., and a B.S.in Special Education, also from Bloomsburg University. Before going into higher education, she taught Special Education students, grades K-12.

When she is not working, Mary enjoys traveling, baking, writing, gardening, dancing, and hanging out with her 3 ridiculous Goldendoodles Gracie, Mabel, and Kellen!

About Margarite Arnold

Since 2007 I have enjoyed the privilege of assisting clients to realize their goals.  Holding an M.S.Ed. in Counseling with graduate honors, I utilize clear, concise, research-based methodology to facilitate rehabilitation of behavioral health.  

As a mother, wife and former teacher I understand the many facets of child, student and parental success.  With personal and professional experience, I specialize in assisting clients as well as parents and caregivers of those diagnosed with ADHD and ODD.    

Through collaboration, we will develop skills necessary for successful functioning and self-management of symptoms of ADHD and ODD.  I look forward to helping you understand and respect the ADHD brain while utilizing your unique strengths to live a more fulfilled life. 

About Pooja Doshi

Pooja is a Master’s degree candidate at Harvard University. Prior to starting her education at Harvard, she received a Master’s in Psychology from The New School for Social Research and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from The University at Buffalo. Given her extensive education in psychology, she has an advanced understanding of the brain’s capabilities and human behavior. Pooja’s organizational skills have helped her reach many academic achievements, and she yearns to help others do the same.

Pooja is dedicated to helping children, teenagers, and adolescents thrive in school and home settings. She works with families to help navigate difficulties centered around their child’s education and development. Prior to joining Right Path Counseling, Pooja worked in a school and home setting with both elementary and middle school-aged students diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and general anxiety disorder. The combination of these settings has given Pooja the expertise to guide students in achieving their educational and daily-living goals. Pooja has helped many of her past students meet their educational and daily-living goals by implementing creative strategies to make those goals attainable.

Pooja believes that every person has the tools to succeed within them, given the proper resources. She strives to support students in excelling in school and outside of school by helping them reach their goals. Pooja aspires to be a resource for students while teaching them important skills for success.

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