Benefits of Online Parent Coaching for Children with ADHD

Here at ADHD Training Center, we offer parent coaching both online and in person. Our online courses, training, and private coaching sessions are aimed at parents anywhere in the world that feel like they need to speak to someone about their child, and get some much needed support to help give them the tools their family needs to thrive.

One of the reasons that we decided to offer online parent coaching is because we believe that it has many benefits for those seeking help parenting their child. Some of the benefits of this type of online coaching include:

  • Accessibility and Convenience – Online coaching allows parents to access support from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for travel. This is particularly beneficial for those living in remote areas, those with busy schedules, and those that struggle to find help in their region. It’s also helpful for those with younger kids that may be home with them during their sessions. Sessions can often be scheduled at more flexible times, making it easier to fit into a parent’s day.
  • Consistency and Continuity – Maintaining a regular schedule with a coach can provide continuous support and ensure consistent progress in managing a child’s ADHD. Because virtual sessions can take place from anywhere, it is much easier to maintain a consistent schedule. In addition, online platforms facilitate ongoing communication and follow-ups, which can be useful for establishing effective parenting strategies. Lastly, should you move, you would be able to continue with your coach without worrying about the location.
  • Customized Support – Online parent coaching can be tailored to the specific needs of the child and family. Coaches can focus on particular challenges such as behavior management, social skills, or academic support, providing personalized strategies and tools.
  • Privacy and Comfort – Engaging in coaching sessions from the comfort of one’s own home can reduce anxiety and help parents feel more open and honest about their struggles. This privacy can lead to more effective sessions and better outcomes. It is also useful for those in high profile positions that may not want to feel like attending in person sessions is to announce their child’s needs to the world.
  • Resource Availability – Online coaching often provides access to a wealth of resources that can be shared easily through digital means, including educational materials, worksheets, and activities that parents can use to engage their children and reinforce positive behaviors.

Parenting is difficult regardless of whether or not your child has ADHD. It is hard to find time to drive all the way to a parent coaching session, even if it is very close to your home, and since many parents live much further away – and because we can provide ADHD parent coaching to anyone anywhere in the world – traveling to your sessions may be an impossibility.

Online/Digital coaching for parents of children with ADHD or executive function disorder opens the door for more people to get the support they need, regardless of location and without the need for a commute. It is highly advantageous, and a great choice for parents of children with ADHD.

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